User's Guide

About the ValuePro Program describes the valuation screens associated with the Program

Loading ValuePro onto your Computer describes how to load the Program with the floppy disk, or how to download it from the Internet, and how to find it if you downloaded it and lost it somewhere in your computer.

How to Input Data for ValuePro describes the data for the General Input Screen and the Custom Input Screen and how those numbers should be properly input into the Program.

Navigating the ValuePro Program describes how to move around the five screens that comprise the valuation program.

Saving, Retrieving and Deleting Valuations describes the special way that the Program handles the saving and retrieving of valuations and how those valuations can be deleted.

Downloading Data from Web Site describes how the web site interacts with your web browser to download company valuation data to be used by the ValuePro software.

Help File and Definitions is a complete description of the inputs, screens, theories and definitions underlying the valuation program.